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Panier des

4 Saisons

In the center of Chamonix, nestled in a little alley, up the stairs, is the restaurant Panier des 4 Saisons.

Away from prying eyes, an ideal place to appreciate some instinctive, creative and traditional cooking...


During the

high season

your restaurant

is open

every dinner

from 7pm

Closed Tuesday

except during holiday.

Currently closed.

Site en français

Dans le centre ville de Chamonix, niché dans une petite allée, se révèle à ceux qui s'y aventurent le restaurant Panier des 4 Saisons. A l'abri des regards indiscets, Thierry Roche et sa partenaire...

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Carte and Menu

Enjoy an elegant but relaxed  French dining. Here, you will enjoy the classic dishes and techniques of French cuisine, prepared with seasonal and local ingredients

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Discovery Chamonix

Chamonix is a great destination where the more relaxed tourist can go to simply admire the spectacular views of the mountains and the glaciers or it is a heaven for those that love sports

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Carte & Menus

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.

They must be felt with the heart"

Helen Keller

First plates

Cold and Hot Starters

New starters reflecting the seasons as well as our classics.

Goats cheese Raviolis in a leek fondue with a light Parmesan butter sauce


Main dishes

Fish / Meat / Vegetarian

Indulge your senses in sophisticated offerings.

Grilled Sea Bass and Scallops, with a Mushrooms Risotto and Ginger and Lemon Sauce


Cheeses / Sweetnesses

Because "Greed begins when we no longer hungry" Alphonse Daudet

Hot Chocolate Soufflé, Flaming Vanilla Crème Brûlée...

December 24th &25th  and  January 31st

Special Christmas and New Year's Eve

Make it an evening to remember

at Panier des 4 Saisons

a delicious restaurant serving classic French cuisine.

Delight in the cuture and flavors of France.

Menus availables soon...

December, 20th  2018

Restaurant Opening

Because Chamonix is currently in low season,

your restaurant will open back for the winter season

The new carte and menu will be available soon