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About us

            The story of this small restaurant is the story of a meeting between two passionate people: Thierry for the gastronomy and Maureen for the arts of the table ...

            Chef's Thierry Roche

            He grew up in Chamonix. From his childhood, his eyes light up when he cooked with his grandmother, he delighted in discovering the happiness of being in a kitchen. At the age of 16, his passion was discovered and he decided to dedicate his life to the kitchen. He abandoned cross-country skiing and began his apprenticeship at the Auberge du Bois Prin, in addition to studying at the Groisy training centre. He obtained his certificate of Professional skill in Cooking in 1990 and Patisserie in 1991.He also enriched  his knowledge by working with other Chefs.

But he missed the seasons in the mountains and came back to Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

            During the summer 2003 he met his future partner. 5 years and several seasons later they started to work as a team for other establishments, they wanted to gain experience in their respective fields giving of their best to their Customers.

            In 2008, they managed a restaurant together. But in 2009, an Italian manager took over and they had to leave. A few months later, the restaurant closed.


            At the end of December 2010, Thierry and his partner made a crazy bet to re-open the restaurant and make it successful.

                                                Thank you to those who trust in them every day, and so the adventure continues ...

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