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Local Artiste

Through these familiar view and paradoxical images, the artist has completely master the meaning of her works, the elusiveness of these familiar motifs...

By accepting this sense of unreality as a given and integrating softness into her art works, her sense of mystery seduces us into making our own vision..

                         Currently in your restaurant   exposition / sale of STEEL CARVING

Corinne Dunand :`


                        " Starting from a normal or rusty sheet of steel, I am using an angle grinder, sander and different abrasive discs to create differents tones. There is no paint with the exception of a few small touches on a couple of pieces, i am just playing with natural   colour and  the shades of the metal. All of it is varnished with polyurethane which gives it a glossy finish.


Corinne Dunand

34 ZA Pont Pelissier

74310 Les Houches

Tel : 06 76 52 82 41


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